Bridal Tips

Finding the perfect wedding gown is like finding the groom - you know when you've found the one. 

The most important thing to remember when choosing a wedding dress is that ultimately this will be your day – the bride is the person everyone will be looking at and admiring and you must feel totally beautiful, and comfortable, in the dress of your choice. This means not having to fuss and tweak the fabric all the time – you should look good effortlessly because you have total confidence in your dress and feel the best you have ever felt in your life!

After your engagement, book appointments at Bridal stores as soon as possible as you may find you have to wait a while for a Saturday visit as this is our busiest day. Arrive early to give yourself plenty of browsing time.

Wear clothing that can easily be taken on and off and underwear should be good, perhaps a strapless bra as most of the wedding gowns are strapless and preferably white or flesh colour and for the more fuller girls wear a strapless bra and dark leggings – remember you will be standing around semi naked with mirrors everywhere!! Most stores will have fitting room shoes for your use while trying on gowns.

You must keep an open mind when choosing a wedding dress shape at the outset. Often the perfect dress will turn out to be one the bride wouldn’t necessarily have chosen given various preconceptions and other people’s advice. Be open to ideas and suggestions. Don’t base your ideas on what your favourite celebrity or idol has worn; the dress should reflect your personality – it is the bride’s personality that sets the tone not her figure.

You don’t have to adhere to guidelines in terms of what is “supposed” to look right on a certain kind of figure – challenge the rules and try different shapes, styles and colours.

Strike up a good rapport with the Bridal Store staff and communicate your likes and dislikes early in the process. Don’t allow a sales assistant to steamroller you into a shape or style that you are not comfortable in – a dress may look fantastic but unless the bride wearing it feels the same it simply won’t work on the day.

Don’t be afraid to let us know if you have set a budget for your dress as this will help to make it easier to choose which dresses to try on. Many shops sell sample dresses at a discounted price at the end of seasons and it’s always worth asking.

Too many friends and family accompanying a bride on her search for her wedding dress can be a little daunting as we all have our own ideas of style – sometimes the bride to be is not allowed think and after all it is her day, her dress and her choice. Start with mum or your sister or best friend – after all it should be a real surprise on the day!

It’s a once in lifetime experience, enjoy it and have fun!

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